What is Equinometry?

Equinometry is the art of handicapping and betting horses.  Here I will share with you the fundamentals of handicapping and betting horses.  After building a solid foundation you will be able to apply the advanced handicapping and betting techniques described within to take your game to a whole new level.

You will laugh when you hear people saying “you can beat a race, but not the races” because it is completely untrue.  You can become one of the few that makes money year in and year out, but be aware that there is no secret formula to betting on horses.  Beating the races takes time and dedication.

Why Did I Create Equinometry?

I decided to create this website to give back to the sport of thoroughbred horse racing by sharing my insights on handicapping and betting with horseplayers both new and old.  I believe that the best way to grow the sport is by showing horseplayers how to be winners, not selling them selections.

There is nothing more satisfying then handicapping a race, making a bet and watching the race unfold exactly as you imagined it would.  Mastering the art of handicapping and betting on horses is a lifelong endeavor and those that put in the extra time and effort will reap the benefits.

It is one of the greatest mental and emotional challenges you will ever experience.   I am not a full time professional handicapper, yet, but I do have over a decade of real life experience to share.  If you want to become a winning horseplayer stick around and I will help lay the foundation for you to build upon.

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What Impact Has Equinometry Made?

Here are a few of the messages I have received from Equinometry Community members:

Rocky S. said “thanks to you I had the best day betting the horses I’ve ever had. I picked 9 winners in 11 races with 2 small Trifecta’s and the $1,550 Pick 4 to round it out.  I credit you with my great day. Your advice to bet viable closers on turf and how to separate allowance, claiming and optional claimers from each other and rate the horses accordingly was spot on.”

Larry S. said “I really appreciate your efforts to try and educate us in the art of handicapping. True mentors are hard to find in this game.”

Papo M. said ” I want to thank you for the service you do. I am a weekend horse player and always are looking for ways to improve my handicapping skills. I thoroughly enjoy your articles and blogs.”

Joel B. said “Keep writing!  Anything to better educate the betting public is helpful to the development of new and more long term participants in the sport/business of racing.”

In addition to the impact the content on Equinometry has had on the Community members it has also been shared with thousands of other horse racing fans through many popular horse racing websites.

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Who am I?


My name is Lenny Moon.  I am 33 years old, married to my beautiful wife and have two wonderful little boys.  I was born and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland.  I am an avid horse racing fan, handicapper and handicapping contest player.

I, like many horse racing fans, was introduced to the sport by my father, who has owned thoroughbred race horses for over thirty years.  Growing up I attended the races at Laurel, Pimlico and Timonium.  I have watched my father’s horses run at those tracks as well as Colonial Downs, DelawarePark, Penn National and Philadelphia Park.

IMG_8017 5x7v colorIn 1999 I began to follow the sport on a regular basis.  Each year my passion for the sport grew stronger but on November 12, 2005 at Laurel everything changed.

The day started off great as I cashed a few tickets including my first ever “signer.”

Around 4:00 pm the horses entered the paddock for the feature race, the Northern Dancer Stakes.  My father’s horse, Gold Casing, was the second choice on the board.Horse Racing Winners Circle

Around 4:15 pm I made my bets and walked to upper level of the grandstand to watch the race.

At 4:22 the gates opened.  Gold Casing was sent straight to the lead.  He set a moderate pace and was unchallenged through the first three quarters of a mile.  He had a four length lead as the field turned for home, at that moment I realized he was going to be hard to catch and he was.

As I walked into the winner’s circle the feeling was indescribable.  It was at that moment that I realized thoroughbred horse racing would always be a major part of my life.

Your Turn

This site is not a one way street of information sharing.  I will share with you and I hope that you will share with me by leaving comments at the end of each post.

Also let me know which topics you would like me to discuss. You can do so by following me on Twitter and sending me a tweet or by sending me an email.

If you have any questions or just want to say hello do not hesitate to do so via Twitter or email.

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Thank you and enjoy.


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