Race Track Warriors: Where the Only Guarantee is There are No Guarantees

If you have been reading my articles over the years and/or follow me on social media you know that I am a staunch proponent of lower takeout rates.

This applies especially to takeout rates on wagering pools but also applies to takeout rates of handicapping contests.

There are many good options on the web for playing in cash contests as well as qualifiers to major events with the most prominent being Derby Wars, Horse Tourneys and Horseplayers Qualify.

All three have fair takeout rate structures and a wide range of contests to choose from and those sites appeared to have the market cornered.

When a newcomer to the online handicapping contest scene emerged with the lowest takeout rates around it was a pleasant surprise.

Of course you cannot and should not judge a book by its cover and upon closer inspection the silver lining quickly faded away.

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Breeders’ Cup 2015: Turning One Strong Opinion Into an $8,940.54 Profit

The two day 2015 Breeders’ Cup festival of racing at Keeneland is in the books and while many will remember the dominating career finale of American Pharoah in the Breeders’ Cup Classic or the drama surrounding the connections of Breeders’ Cup Sprint winner Runhappy I’ll look back fondly on a different horse, which I’ll get to shortly.

Like I do with any day of serious wagering I look back at how the races played out to see how accurate my handicapping was as well as the results to see how my wagering strategy performed.

Following is a detailed look at each of the twelve Breeders’ Cup races including how I thought they would play out, how I bet each race and what my results were as well as a brief look at the supporting races.

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2015 Breeders’ Cup Saturday

Not much time to post detailed analysis so I’ll give you the quick and dirty on each Breeders’ Cup race.

To me there looks like a good mix of solid favorites and some live long shots throughout the card.

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2015 Breeders’ Cup Friday

At first glance the four Friday’s Breeders’ Cup races kind of looked like a mediocre sequence.

After diving into the past performances and really looking at every race closely I quickly changed my mind.

All four races look pretty competitive, although I will admit Liam’s Map is a very legit favorite in the Dirt Mile.

Anyway let’s take a quick look at each of the four Breeders’ Cup races to be run on day 1.

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2015 Breeders’ Cup Toolkit

The Breeders’ Cup is fast approaching and two of the best betting days of the year deserve a little extra attention.

For that reason, like I did last year, I took the time to put together a couple of useful tools for making the most of the 2015 Breeders’ Cup.

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The #1 Reason to Play the 2015 Kentucky Downs Meet (plus 5 more in case you need more convincing)

Saturday September 5th marks the opening of the five day 2015 Kentucky Downs meet which will provide 50 of the best betting races of the year.

This year marks the first time the track reached the top spot in the HANA Track Ratings and for good reason.

Kentucky Downs is the most horseplayer friendly racetrack in North America.

While other tracks care about corporate profits Kentucky Downs thinks about you first because they know that without you they would not be in business.

For some that might reason enough to dive into the past performances and prepare a wagering strategy but if it’s not here are five more reasons you won’t want to miss the 2015 Kentucky Downs meet.

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Handicapping 2.0: The Next Generation of Handicapping Horse Races

Evolve or be left behind applies to many situations in life and handicapping horse races is no different.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain an edge over the parimutuel competition, which means turning a profit is not getting any easier.

For that reason we, as horseplayers, must always be tweaking our handicapping process looking for any edge we can find.

Enter what I call “Handicapping 2.0.”

Handicapping 2.0 incorporates advanced handicapping techniques and handicapping tools with fundamental handicapping (what I refer to as the Pillars of Handicapping).

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