The 30 Day Challenge: Learn How to Bet Smarter Using One Simple Technique

30 Day Challenge

Creating a new positive habit can take anywhere from a few days to a few months.

It all depends on the individual and how easy or hard it is for that person to condition themselves to follow through with the positive habit on a daily basis.

As a child you may have been resistant to brushing your teeth twice a day but as you got older it hopefully has become second nature to do so.

That would be an example of an easy to form positive habit.

On the other hand eating healthy and exercising are often hard to form positive habits.

While many people have the intention of getting in better physical shape at the start of every new year most do not stick with the program very long.

The proof of this is very easy to see as all you need to do is monitor the number of people in your local gym in January, February and so on.

January will be the peak and each month after the number will fall until the only people there are the regulars.

This is an example of a hard to form positive habit.

Both of these examples are generalizations as there may very well be some that never brush their teeth twice a day or even once a day.

Likewise there may be some that start eating right and exercising and quickly establish a routine that sticks for life.

This reinforces the point that forming a positive habit is very individualized and there is no magic formula to determine how long it will take for you or me.

With that said I want to propose a challenge to you, one that I know will positively impact you as a horse player.

For some it will be very easy, for others very hard and for most somewhere in between the two extremes.

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Finding Value at the 2016 Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky DerbyIn the five plus year existence of this website every post has been my own.

Today the streak comes to an end as the following is the first (of what I hope to be many) guest post by a fellow horse player.

Before diving into the meat of the topic let me introduce you to the guest poster so you can get an idea of the experience behind the thoughts presented below.

As for my name, you can call me “The Shadow” maybe after reading the rest of my bio, it will become more clear as to why.

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OptixEQ: The Future of Handicapping is Here

OptixEQHandicapping and betting on horse racing is not only the ultimate game of skill it is an information game as well.

The player with a piece of information that no one else has or few have has a distinct edge on his/her competition.

It is for that reason that I am always seeking out new sources of information and experimenting with any new handicapping tool that comes along.

About a year ago my handicapping arsenal consisted of DRF Formulator, TimeformUS and my own personal tools: Turf Burst and Turn Burst.

I was comfortable with that suite of tools and was doing pretty well in both cash betting and handicapping contest play.

Not long after I received an email from a fellow horse player that I greatly respect with an offer to be a beta tester for a new suite of horse racing tools.

Of course I agreed and over the course of the next few months I integrated those tools into my normal handicapping routine.

Along the way we did numerous live webinars with the team behind the tools as well as the other beta testers.

Those were invaluable as not only did I receive guidance on how to maximize my profits using the tools but I was also able to walk through countless races with a serious group of horse players.

For lack of a better term they were mastermind sessions and I learned more in those sessions than I had over the course of the last five years.

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The Truth About Temporary Turf Rails

If you say something enough and others say the same thing it eventually becomes truth or at least that’s what people believe.

This happens in horse racing just as it does the rest of the world.

Remember the saying “the turns are tight at Pimlico so the Preakness favors speed horses?”

That was disproved by laying a satellite image of Churchill Downs over a satellite image of Pimlico.

Churchill Downs, in fact has tighter turns and the Preakness nor Pimlico favors front runners more than any other track.

In a similar vein I have heard over and over that the position of the temporary turf rail impacts the chances of specific running styles and post positions.

I finally decided to prove/disprove this belief.

I looked at every turf race run at Gulfstream Park from January 1, 2015 to February 28, 2016.

The sample size is over 1,000 races and since Gulfstream Park has more rail settings than any other track (12 in all) it provides the ideal data set to determine if the rail setting impacts the chances of each running style and post position.

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Misplaced Marketing: How the Horse Racing Industry Wastes it’s Advertising Dollars

About a week ago I started looking at wagering data for a side project I was working on.

Specifically I wanted to know how much each wagering option contributed to the overall wagering handle at the track in question.

What I found was absolutely shocking considering the way the horse racing industry markets the wagering side of the sport.

Before I reveal what I found I want you to take a minute and think about the advertisements you saw in the last week related to betting on horse races.

I also want you to think about the types of wagers that are mentioned in horse racing print media and in television advertisements.

Lastly think about the major event broadcasts on network television such as the Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup.

Got it? Good let’s begin.

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The Confusing Conditions of a Horse Race (and How to Un-Confuse Them)

The biggest hurdle to attracting and converting new fans into lifelong horse players is the complexity of the sport.

Anyone can learn how to play other games of skill such as blackjack and poker in a few minutes.

They can become above average in a short time as well by reading a book or two.

They can play a slot machine or the lottery with no learning curve because both are 100% luck-based.

Introduce them to horse racing and unless they simply bet their lucky numbers or choose their horse by name or silk colors they will probably walk away with a migraine.

Wagering on horse races is a complex beast, which is why the rewards can be so lucrative and why it is the greatest gambling game on Earth.

But it doesn’t need to be so complicated, there are many ways to simplify the sport and in this post I want to discuss one that often confuses me.

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Beyond the Hype: What Cam Newton, Donald Trump, Victor Espinoza and Zenyatta Have in Common and How You as a Horse Player Can Use it to Your Advantage

Hype is defined as: to create interest in by flamboyant or dramatic methods; promote or publicize showily.

The media loves to hype people, places, events, etc. because it generates interest in the thing being hyped and increases their viewership, traffic to their websites and interaction with their social media accounts.

The hype therefore is often a selfish act to benefit the person/group doing the hyping.

Very rarely is the hype justified but the average person believes it because they do not take the time to look at the facts.

In most facets of life the hype is meaningless because it does not impact you directly but as a horse player it can be a great learning experience.

Following are a few diverse examples of hype that will hopefully open your eyes to this phenomenon and help you exploit it when it occurs in horse racing.

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